Vladimir Ivanović



2019 MS, University of Montenegro, Montenegro.
2017 Spc, University of Graz, Austria.
2016 BSc, University of Montenegro, Montenegro.


2019–present Teaching Assistant, University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro.
2017–present Project( Big Data), Crnogorski Telekom, Montenegro.

2016-2017 IT sector, Societe General Bank, Montenegro

Main areas of research

My scientific interest is in algebraic topology and modern algebra. I am interested in studying the topological
invariants of a symplectic manifold with symmetries, namely, the equivariant cohomology when the manifold
is acted on by a Lie group. Recently, I finished the master thesis [1] about cohomology ring on a special
class of manifolds, viewed from either topological or algebraic point of view.
Results of the master thesis are:

  • describing generators of cohomology ring on the quotient of complex projective space CPn acted by torus Tn;
  • describing generators of cohomology ring on flag manifold acted by torus Tn using GKM theory;
  • counting Betti numbers of cohomology ring on 2-Grassmannian manifold;

Besides theoretical mathematical interest, application of topology with statistic approach involved to Big
Data contributes to the diversion of my interests. The aim is to establish the first Hadoop environment
for dealing with the Big Data in Montenegro and thus to enable the development of various mathematical models.


Theses are defended on University of Montenegro:
(with persistent identifier, e.g. DOI)
1. Ivanovic, V.: Cohomology of GKM graphs, Master thesis, 47 (2019)
2. Ivanovic, V.: Tensors in Riemannian geometry, Specialization thesis, 45 (2017)

Additional research achievements and skills

1. Erasmus+ Grant for Western Balkan
2. Intermediate – Upper skills in statistical computing software environment R
3. Advance-Upper skills in database language SQL, ETL tool Informatica

Vladimir Ivanović